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Tabernacle Worship in a Purple Winter [11/22/2020]

Big Tent Worship

Beloved ones of Grace Sacramento,

Some months ago now, we talked about whether or not to treat this COVID quarantine like a short, one-time catastrophe like a blizzard or more like a season to endure, like winter. As California authorities have recently announced a return to a higher alert state (purple), we are literally entering the winter season in a state of quarantine.

How will Grace Sacramento continue to worship together and connect during the Purple Winter of 2020-2021?

We will continue to strive to make every ministry opportunity available in three ways:
1. Virtual (accessible via internet from your home),
2. PODs (streaming in smaller gatherings of 2-3 families quarantining together)
3. In-person (following state distancing guidelines).

We have faced many challenges over the past 10 months in the effort to make our Sunday morning worship service accessible to all every weekend, including 6 different iterations and changes to the way we have offered it. Recent technical challenges with video streaming and the changing weather are now pushing us towards change #7.

Our winter worship plan is to erect a large semi-permanent tent with outdoor heaters on the parking lot at 2958 59th Street where we can gather and simultaneously live stream a single outdoor worship service for everyone to participate in together wherever they are.

We are hoping to begin "Big Tent" worship as soon as December 6th, pending tent delivery and construction. In the meantime, there are several ways that everyone can help make this hope a reality:


Pray for good weather to enable us to continue our worship on the lawn until the tent arrives. We will announce (via email, website and social media) a "virtual only" worship service by 5pm on Saturday any weekend in which weather makes an outdoor gathering untenable between now and tent-time!

Give a Gift

The Grace session has allocated $5K from our reserves towards the purchase of a 40'x60' tent but the final cost with shipping, construction and heating will probably be closer to $10K. We are inviting Grace families to consider making a special end-of-year gift to help cover the extra cost to make continuing worship and witness to the community possible in this way. You can bring or send a check with "Tabernacle" in the memo line or visit and choose "Tabernacle" from the pull down menu.

Become a Tent Builder

To volunteer to be a part of the tent building crew on a Saturday in the near future...(Lord willing on December 12th...exact date TBA) Reply here and choose option: I'd like to be a "Tent Builder"

Join us in praying for God's best provision and plan for Grace Sacramento!

Brad, Daniel and the Grace Session