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Information for Christmas Giveaway Gifts

Purchase the Gift

Thank you for participating in our homeless outreach Giving Tree (as we partner with Lifting Spirits Higher) to give gifts to the homeless during the Christmas season at 13th and C Street. A Giving Tree with tags of various items has been set-up up at Grace Sacramento.
The items listed below are a description of the ornament (tag) you pulled from the tree at Grace Sacramento for the Christmas Giveaway Gifts. Most items can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. To make it easy, you can click on the name of the item listed below that you selected from the tree and it will take you to to either the Walmart or Amazon page for that item. Prices and availability are as of November 10. You are not obligated to buy the exact item(s) from either of those websites, but if you do make your purchase elsewhere, please be sure your item’s characteristics (waterproof, insulated, heavyweight, etc.) are the same as the item’s description. If you have your item shipped, please make sure that it arrives before the due date of Sunday, December 10th (there is no need to have the gifts wrapped).

1. Waterproof Adult Sleeping Bag - $39.98
2. Waterproof 3-person Camping Tent - $39.99
3. Men’s Rubber Boots Sizes 8 thru 10 - $19.98
4. Hoodie Size L or XL – $30.38
5. Waterproof Insulated Gloves - $16.99
6. Unisex Rain Poncho - $6.98
7. Collapsible Umbrella $7.00
8. Fleece Throw Blanket - $11.69

What to do with the Gift  

Be sure to securely attach the ornament tag to your gift prior to dropping it off at the church. If you have lost your ornament, please attach a piece of paper with your name (in large print) to the item.

Bring the Gift to Church

Please bring your unwrapped gifts to Grace Sacramento no later than Sunday, December 10.

God bless you for your generosity!!