Join us Sundays at 10:30a (Indoor, Outdoor Overflow & Virtual)

GraceKids Sunday Reboot (Begins Sunday, April 18th) 

GraceKids, our Sunday morning kids ministry, begins (reboots) next Sunday, April 18th. Elementary kids K-2nd and Grades 3-5 will be invited to attend separate outdoor classes during the teaching/sermon portion of our service and rejoin their families in the tent during communion.

  • Health protocols and check-in will be similar to our toddler corral. A check-in table will be located near the welcome table on Sunday mornings where parents will be asked to sign a self disclosure "Health Questionnaire" and have each child's temperature taken. Masks will be required until further notice during GraceKids and space for social distancing will be provided. We will not plan programming that requires physical contact until protocols change. 
  • General Structure - The initial plan is to have two elementary-age groups, K-2 and 3-5. Kids will be dismissed right before the sermon to go with teachers to classrooms for a lesson and guided activity.
  • Outdoor Space - Initially on Sunday, April 18th, the plan is to use the breezeway between St. Paul's sanctuary and the classroom wing for K-2. The 3-5 class will meet on the other side of the gate at the end of the breezeway on the lawn. The space will be cordoned off with snow fencing. Beginning Sunday, July 11th, kids will be moving indoors. UV Hepa Air Purifiers have been added to each classroom. 
  • Teaching Schedule - Four volunteers will serve each week. (two adults per class) 
  • Content - The 4/18 start date is intended to sync with the new sermon series going through the Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus. GraceKids volunteers will work with pastors to teach the commandments that will be preached along with corresponding Bible stories as illustrations and activity for each commandment.

GraceKids Mission

That children may know, honor, and seek after God, desiring to follow Jesus and have a transformational relationship with Him, recognizing their part in God’s story and mission in the world as revealed through Scripture.

GraceKids Vision

Lay a foundation of faith grounded in Biblical teaching and basic theological truths that gives children a regular opportunity to respond to God’s love and calling through the sharing of the Gospel.

Build and nurture trusting relationships with teachers and classmates so that children know they are part of a church family that cherishes them and longs to see their lives transformed by making Christ their Savior.

Partner with parents and families to reinforce lessons at home and throughout the week, promoting and fostering the individual spiritual development and maturity of each child.

Pray that God works in the hearts of children so that they grow closer in their walk with Jesus and desire to make a public profession of faith.