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Year-end Giving [2021]

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Dear Friends,

We are where we are by the grace of God! Yes, the past 22 months has had its fair share of bumpy paths and roadblocks, and it hasn’t been easy for many of us, but we are where we are by the grace of God. 

At Grace Sacramento, over a two-year period, finding new ways to worship has become the new normal. To put this in perspective, we made changes to our worship service time on three occasions; we’ve changed our Sunday morning venue 6 times; we’ve been in lockdown, we’ve been on the lawn, we’ve been in the parking lot, we’ve been virtual, we’ve been in Pods; we’ve zoomed, we’ve had social distancing tape on the floors, we’ve prayed online, we’ve sung online, we’ve given online, and had countless meetings and even a congregational vote online. We have regathered in as many ways that we could think of. And through it all, God has been faithful to His church. Each of you are a testament to that! We are where we are by the grace of God!  

Thank you to each of you who have given this year towards the ministry that Grace does. Thank you for the ways you have sacrificed. Thank you for the gospel vision that you have helped make into a reality; all in the service of Jesus being glorified in our midst, the care of one another (specifically the least of these among us), and a witness to the community around us that Christ is bigger and deeper and better that the things that have divided believers and families these past months. 

With your gifts, we held our first ever VBS for kids under a tent on the lawn; hosted local elementary students who had no place to go for virtual school in our learning center; donated $6,000 to refugee families and a summer program for kids in Compton, CA. We have continued to provide worship three ways: online, indoors and outdoors; and so much more. We are where we are by the grace of God!  

As we shared at our congregational meeting in December, we have created a “Forever Home” fund in our dreams of ownership of a ministry center in the Tahoe Park area that will allow room for a congregation and administration center big enough to support a church planting movement in the Sacramento valley. With your gifts, we begin that fund with $114,713.50. We are where we are by the grace of God! 

We appreciate your financial support of the ministries of Grace Sacramento Presbyterian Church this year. Our prayer is that connecting with the body of Christ at Grace Sacramento has been a vital part of God’s provision for your spiritual health and growth amongst the challenges of 2021. Please continue to pray for us as we look to 2022 and seek to call people Toward God, Toward Community for the World

Please let us know if there is any discrepancy in the list of your contributions on the following page. For the record, no goods or services were provided in exchange for your contributions.  


Brad Carpenter & Daniel Yoon; 916-737-5190